Aaltra presents

Qbus Cloud

Qbus Cloud is a plug & play home automation interface
entirely built on web technology.

Functional & elegant

We strive for maximum user satisfaction by making the user interface self explanatory combined with precision design.
The application uses all posibilities of modern browsers, giving the user the capability to easily swipe and control.
By giving the user a specified set of controls, it is easy to understand with a very easy learning curve.
No installation is necessary on any device and you can upgrade to a new device without loosing any of your presets.

Realtime updates

The application uses the latest websocket technology which allows you to see the realtime status of your smarthome. You don't have to click a refresh button to see movement, status changes or temperature changes.
You can control your home with different people and devices at the same time, and see what is happening in a matter of milliseconds.

The fully responsive interface adapts to every screen and situation

Qbus Building Intelligence

The power of the cloud




Getting started is as simple as it gets

The Qbus controller auto connects and registers to the cloud server.
Create an online account using your serial number and personal activation code.
Start using Qbus cloud on every device anywhere you have access to the Internet.

Build simple recipes like...

On sunrise

Open the blinds


On window open

For 10 min

Turn down heating


On doorbell pressed

Take photo

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Want to try Qbus cloud?

If you have Qbus installed in your home or office, you can create your account today on Qbuscloud.com
If you don't have Qbus, you can request a demo account to try out the web interface yourself.
Or read more about Qbus on Qbus.be

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